Jonathan Bradley. Conceptual writer and creative strategist.

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Jonathan Bradley. Conceptual writer and creative strategist.

Tone of voice transformation

Direct Line wanted to bring their direct ads in line with the Harvey Keitel Winston Wolf campaign. But there was a problem. We couldn’t show Harvey’s image or use his character’s name.

This turned out to be a great opportunity. Bringing the Wolf’s world to life with tone of voice and art direction alone freed us to create a simple, compelling, entertaining insurance DM and digital.

I also wanted to see how much the world has moved on since classic DM techniques like Johnson boxes, trial closes, multi-page letters and PPSes tested their way to ubiquity. And it turns out that today’s consumer will quite happily buy without them. In fact, in a head to head test against Direct Line’s (rather old-school) control, short and sweet won the day by a convincing margin.

  • For Direct Line

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